Who's Henglor The Stinky Titan?

Hi, I found something that make me curious. Do you know who's Henglor The Stinky Titan? Does he a new Dota hero? I found him in here.
New hero STR
name: Henglor the Stinky Titan
1st skill: Ugly face
* the titan uses his ugly face all the enemies facing him will run away making them uncontrollable. lvl1: 2 secs lvl2:3 lvl3:4 lvl4:5.
2nd skill: Body odor-the titan releases his body odor slowing enemies and damaging them.
3rd skill: Fart(passive) - the titan farts so hard reducing the enemies armor and knocking them back.
ULTI: Kiss of the titan - the titan kisses the target instantly killing them. cooldown is 500 secs- lvl 1, 300- lvl 2, 100 lvl 3.
If you know about him, let's share it here :D Because I really curious about him. Thank you!