Download Dota Map v6.70c AI (Beta)

Download Dota Map v6.70c AI

Download Dota Map v6.70c AI now! So, you can play against computer if you're boring. This AI map is awesome! I want to play it to try my new strategy on Dota. Some AI improvements have been implemented on this map. Here some of them:

1. Fixed Lina`s Fiery Soul learning(6.60 error)
2. Various skills fixes:
  • Power Cog (clockwerk)
  • Recall (kotl)
  • Dark Rift (pit lord)
  • Void`s Time walk
  • Admiral`s Ghost ship
3. New Itembuilds for Phoenix, Tuskarr, Morphling and Sylla.
4. Tuskarr`s Walrus punch was rewritten because of crashing code inside. Skill may bug sometimes but that`s better than 100% crash.
5. Added Ethereal Blade+Adaptive strike usage combo for Morphling

For complete AI improvements and changelogs on Dota 6.70c AI, you can visit this website.

So, let's download dota map 6.70c AI by click the link below: