Runescape Runespan - Tips, Trick, and Strategy

After writing a little guide of Runescape Runespan, now i will try to write a more detailed guide about Runescape Runespan. Maybe about the advantages, about the trick, or tips, and many other details of Runescape Runespan. If this is what you need, scroll down :)

Runescape Runespan

Runescape Runespan

Runescape Runespan Advantage
  • You will get experience from siphoning runes from cretures and nodes in Runescape Runespan, also from rescuing the yellow wizard. But the question is, how much? Actually, the experience you got from siphoning is the best in the game for higher levels. Even Ourania Runecrafting altar didn't stand a chance agains runescape runespan. The experience you get may surpass 50k experience points per hour at level 60. If you have a max level (99) at runecrafting, the exp per hour will rise up to 55k experience per hour. Somehow, the experience per hour can reach 100k per hour if the player is active in siphoning the high experience nodes and saving the yellow wizard. The more efficient, the more experience you will get.
  • By siphoning, you will make a lot of runes which will be converted to points after you leave the area. The points is used to buy rewards which can be exchanged in Wizard Finix's reward shop at Runecrafting Guild portal. Here's the list of the items

Item Points Requirements Weight
Wicked hood [1] 175 None 0 kg
Wicked robe top 15,000 80 Runecrafting -10 kg
Wicked legs 7,500 55 Runecrafting -8 kg
Wicked cape 2,500 30 Runecrafting -6 kg
Lesser runic staff 5,000 30 Runecrafting, 30 Magic 1.8 kg
Runic staff 12,500 60 Runecrafting, 50 Magic 1.8 kg
Greater runic staff 25,000 90 Runecrafting, 75 Magic 1 kg
Massive pouch 1,000 90 Runecrafting 1 kg

Runescape Runespan Tips and Trick
  • To quickly reach the third or top floor from the second floor of runescape runespan, all you need to do is collect 3 air runes and cross the platform to the island to the south. Then, collect 2 chaos runes and cross the missile platform twice to the southwest and you will reach the bone ladder.
  • The most efficient way to start helping the yellow wizard is to ask to Wizard Finix, because it's a waste of time if you ask to another blue wizard due to the random location. The maximum number a player can help the yellow wizard is 6 times. The strategy is, in every 8.5 minutes, run toward wizard Finix. You have 1.5 minutes and after that the Yellow Wizard will call for help. This is to make the most efficient way without wasting time.
Runescape Runespan Strategy
  • The strategy is depends on the player main target. If the target is maximum experience, the best way is to find an island that has many nodes with a slightly lower level and the lowest level creature to grant fastest rune essence. If you aim for point, make sure you choose an island with highest level creature that you can siphon. The key is minimizing the movement and keeping low distance with central island.
  • Make sure you check what runes are required to access the island of Runescape Runespan you want.
  • I advise that at first collect at least 100 of each rune before exploring the Runespan. That number will suffice to travel around and help the yellow wizard
  • As you travel to the destined island of Runescape Runespan, don't forget to siphon from creatures as they go. This way is one of the quickest way to stock essence.
  • Stay at one island! Moving around will reduce your maximum point/exp per hour, wasting time at walking. Just have a stock of 1000 rune essence, then siphon any nodes that appear.
That's all tips and trick i want to share with you. I hope this Runescape Runespan tips and trick will be helpful for you in gaining experience or point. Thanks for reading ^^


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Thanks for the tips! I've been looking around at lots of different ones and this had the best advice =)