Minecraft Dictionary - Redstone Lamp

Redstone Lamp is a golden block on Minecraft that resembling Glowstone so much, though it doesn't have the behaviour of Glowstone at all. The main function of this block is to give light as big as 15 luminance, but only as long as the block is powered. That level of luminance is actually higher than a torch and surprisingly the same level as Glowstone. Another function of this block is also similar to other blocks that able to emit lights, which is melting snow or ice. To build Redstone Lamp, you need to mix Redstone Dust and Glowstone Block altogether. Some of the behaviors and functions of those two ingredients will be carried over the newly made block. However, some others didn't carried, which could be advantage as well as disadvantage on some circumstances.

About its behavior, Redstone Lamp has quite various behaviors. The first behaviour is this block will behave just like a standard solid block whenever a switch placed on it. However, if it is powered, it will power the block that adjacent into it. Another behavior is this block is able to power Redstone wire if it is placed near the lamp that has the same behavior as standard solid block. Also, although this Redstone Lamp is made from Glowstone, this block will not break into either Redstone Dust or Glowstone Dust when it is broken, but is will produce the same as the standard block. But on the other side, this lamp is able to make Glass sound, similar to the sound that produced by Glowstone.

Redstone Lamp

Redstone Lamp

So, what is the use of this Redstone Lamp for Minecraft player? well, the main function is certainly as a functional light source. Even so, if the player is not in the peaceful mode, mobs will mostly spawn in unlit room whenever this block doesn't emit light anymore. This is surely a downside so choosing Glowstone or Torches that able to emit light constantly are probably the better choice for lighting. Besides as light source, Redstone Lamp also can be sued to create redstone display, which is actually a great alternative for redstone torches that do not able to emit enough light. Moreover, if this block is wired to half day clock, this block will be able to be used to illuminated a structure at night automatically.

Those are the main definition as well as function of the Redstone Lamp. However, if you like to know more about this block, read the interesting information below:
  • Redstone Lamp first introduced on February 25th in Snapshot 12w07a
  • This block has darker off-state texture on Minecraft 1.2
  • This block makes the sound of Glass, similar like the Glowstone produces
  • Thanks to the addition of this block, player can now create a light source that easily controllable
  • As solid block, this block can transmit power through
  • To power this block, just simply place a redstone torch anywhere near the lamp
  • As additional power source, player can also put buttons, levers, and pressure plates on top or next to this block
  • On low spec computers, placing a turned on Redstone Lamp outsside can cause performance to drops significantly