Zumba Fitness Rush - Zumba Dancing Returns to XBox Kinect

Zumba Fitness Rush is the latest series of Zumba fitness dancing game that released back on February 13 for Xbox Kinect. This latest Zumba game is actually a sequel to the first game that released also on XBox Kinect a couple times ago. But that time, the game is not quite popular due to the less developed Kinect feature from Xbox. But now, when the Kinect is already so much developed, Zumba is ready to rocks the Xbox gamer with its new Zumba Fitness Rush. For your information Zumba is an actual fitness dancing that is booming all over the world these days. With so many Zumba classes opened in many countries, this game tried to mimic the real class experience by using the Kinect’s motion sensor cameras technology on Xbox.

Before releasing this Zumba Fitness Rush for Xbox, the developer actually already released the game for Nintendo Wii console. Taking advantage of Wiimote, this game really is popular for most gamers, especially women that don’t have time to attend Zumba classes in real life. On Nintendo Wii, gamers only need to strap the Wiimore to their hip in order to connect to the game. However, it still cannot count the score made by things like arm movement. But that’s all going to change with this Zumba dance game for Xbox as Kinect’s motion sensor cameras will be able to read all the body movements of the gamers, including arm movement and thus provide more accurate in game score.

Zumba Fitness Rush

Zumba Fitness Rush

Some review about this Zumba Fitness Rush game mentioned that this game really is recommended for those who love to do some Zumba dance without wanting to be bothered by going to Zumba dance class regularly. This game also recommended for beginner Zumba dancer as unlike many other dance games that throwing much complicated dance step, this game focuses more on following the rhytim of the music so the gamer can enjoy their dance better, as enjoy as in the real Zumba class. Gamers can expect to do a lot of full of sweat aerobic workout and dance such as salsa or reggaeton.  The in game move also offers longer time than other dance game, which makes the whole purpose of having exercise while having fun gaming reached perfectly.

Content wise, this Xbox Kinect version of Zumba Fitness Rush is offers the same songs, moves, and soundtrack as the real Zumba class, which is also similar as the Wii version. Additional tracks and move also added in order to give more variation of the game. Each song of the game has only one level of difficulty so you will not given the same song over and over again if you have complete one song.

The conclusion is, this Xbox Kinect version of Zumba dance is definitely a clever choice for whoever who would like to learn the style of Zumba dance. Even for Zumba dance’s first timers, there is a tutorial mode that contains step by step instruction of the simplest Zumba dance move, which could be a great preparation before going to any real life Zumba class. Either way, Zumba Fitness Rush is really worth to play.