Infinity Blade II - The Endless Slash in Apple

Infinity Blade II is definitely the most beautiful game iOS to date. This fighting game, however, can be a bit repetitive and you can’t play anymore. This game was developed by Chair Entertainment Group and its price is about € 5.49 in Europe for 940 MB. Chair Entertainment, the publisher of the game, however, intends to add a small dose of multiplayer. In a future update that is not expected until a few months will benefit from Infinity Blade II "Clash Mobs." This feature allows some players to join forces against a common enemy. Everything will be done through Internet and through icloud and players involved in the fighting to gain more specific rewards.

Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade II

The concept of Infinity Blade II was for failure to categorically divide the players. Go through the hallways and during a castle to fight a losing battle until, finally, after advancing the line of heroes could finally put a hammering in the eternal, everyone did not that. Inevitably repetitive, yet knew the title charmed by its realization to the hair and combat system perfectly calibrated. No question, however, be satisfied with a result that would take the idea to the letter, which has flesh well understood. First, Infinity Blade II adopts a scenario and we find that since the game does not have many heroes all descendants from each other but only one, now decked named Siri. If in the first part he was finally able to seize the sword eternal Siri must now get their hands on the Smith Arcane held prisoner in a new castle. And with each death, before leaving for a renaissance additional you will receive a hint from illuminating the plot.

Touch Arcade as the general talk of IGN masterpiece, no less, and the images that we have seen so far are really impressive. The principle of the game, battles that are repeated in a loop, will not please everyone, but we can not remain indifferent to the quality of graphics. Note that if the gameplay has not fundamentally changed since the first version, Infinity Blade II offers more freedom to the player by allowing him to choose a particular path to the next enemy.

It revealed its full potential on the latest devices. The graphics are actually better with the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S, but you can also play with an iPhone 3G or 4, a first generation iPhone or iPod touch third generation. But beware, the game weighs nearly a gigabyte.

The gems also added to complement the combat and character progression. Now you can also modify its equipment by collecting or purchasing magical gems that provide a bonus of magic, armor, health, collecting gold and whatnot. Just assign a gem compatible with an object and hop. A little extra that can enchant their weapons in particular. And also note in passing that it is possible to collect quite a package of items in the shop. What push compulsive collectors to spend time in the game so only unlock everything? Don’ forgets that Infinity Blade II is a kind of super lightweight RPG where the character gains levels, increases its features and offers the beautiful materials whenever its gold reserve permits.