Skyrim Builds: So You Have a Battlemage Skills!

Are you looking for Skyrim builds? You can read one of the Skyrim builds in here! The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim offers a huge variety of different character developments. Since there are no fixed classes alone determines the way you play, how your character develops. In this guide we look at an example of the Battlemage, who claimed with heavy armor, shield, and magic attacks against his opponents.

The Battlemage plays quite aggressively and directly. It is not your goal, you sneak up quietly on your target and attack from ambush. Because you wear a shield and heavy armor, you can get your opponents, usually without problems confront directly.

Skyrim Builds: Battlemage Skills

The Right Breed
I play my Battlemage style reasons as north. I promised the appearance of the north simply best. If you like the look is worth only matter and put you on the ability of the race, I would recommend to a Breton, Dark Elf, Redguard or an Imperial.

Perks as a Battlemage
On the following perks I put on my Battlemages especially valuable:

Heavy Armor
One of the most important characteristics of a fighter-mage is of course the heavy armor. Here, pretty much all the perks are useful. Especially at the beginning to the heavy weight of armor is very disturbing.

If you increase to 70 Heavy armor, heavy armor weighs your nothing more, if you choose conditioning. For all collectors a must!

And who already wears heavy armor, his defense perfected by a sign. By Perk arrows as you fend off bypass slight distance from the archers, to go into combat.

Skills now easy with the left part of the tree further and take even elementary protection here and sign runners. So you have the relevant skills to quickly come to magicians and archers in the melee.

At first stage, of course you take with trooper. If you frequently run out of stamina, then you take fighting stance. Alternatively, you can also pick up fighting stance and later distribute only points in another tree. By the time you have on hand 50, you should still do so and take you directly savage impact.

The weapon specialization I would choose only if you have nothing else to skill or anyway play around always with the same weapon.

In this tree you go the second route from the right to the very top. So Summoning (novice) => mystical bond => Drain Soul => binding to Oblivion.

Since you apportion much damage on the melee, you can use the magic-saving perks to the right safely omit. Similarly, the improvement of the summons in this build is not so important because you have no "real" Necromancer play and play the summoned creatures from thee no such role.

In this tree, you can pretty much take whatever you like. The only exception: Mage Armor. Since you as a Battlemage is usually not go around without armor, you can safely save you the 3 points.

Double change magic, I would just leave. Because I want to go into combat, sees my tactic is not casting a spell after another.

On the way to invincibility, we assume that only heavy armor and shield, and a few perks of recovery. Here you take on every case with all refreshment and recreation link to the right in the tree.

Here you can romp again beautiful. Here are all useful perks, except the three leftmost (frost, fire and shock). The remaining perks help you much further in this build, as the perks at blacksmith and complete the profile as a Battlemage. More information about Enchantment, see our guide to Skyrim enchantment and soul stones.

I hope you liked this Skyrim build. As always, play what you enjoy doing and feel free you, this build arbitrarily adjust to your preferences. If you have suggestions, feedback or your own Skyrim builds, write a comment!