GTA V Could Have 3 Main Characters?

Although brief, but GTA V trailer video game industry is quite horrendous. The publisher who has a similar game was reportedly anxious to make.

Rockstar did not talk much about GTA V. Currently game publishers from the United States is currently more focused on perfecting LA Noire PC version soon to be released.

But for serious fans of the GTA or any of its competitors, the video duration 1 minute 34 seconds to upload on YouTube was quite meaningful. There's even among other publisher who reportedly worried because of the appearance of GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V

Grand Theft Auto V

For example, THQ, one of the major publishers Uncle Sam's country of origin has a Saint Row games, which is nothing but the GTA series competitor.

"Like all people, when they hear about GTA V trailer I also direct online to watch. This game looks great, but I'm sure each has its fans," said Brian Farrell President and CEO of THQ Inc..

Although many gamers who consider Saint Row trailing GTA game system, but according to Farrell both games are very different. This is what makes THQ two will not intersect.

"GTA is still held up the story line of a character with a very deep, very different from Saint's Row," added Farrell.

Various speculations emerged after the video release of the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V. One guess is the game will have more than one main character.

Although brief, but a video trailer does have a lot of sense, especially for those players GTA series. In it are quite visible embryo of this game.

Based on the video GTA V will have bsia visited several places, beaches, mountain areas, plantations and a few other exotic places.

A little game that brought many systems have also begun illustrated, it's just not yet known who will be the main character.

Quoted from Joystiq on Thursday (3/11/2011), GTA V would seem to have more than one character that can be played.

First, gamers are indicated by the figure of a character who supposedly as Tommy Vercetti, the main character on the series of GTA III and Vice City.

Later in the video also appeared to a young man driving a red sports car being chased by police. Then the other characters that appear black youth who are also wanted by the police. At first glance this character looks like at the end of Carl Johnson, the main character in San Adreas.

If it has a few main characters, it could be GTA V has a new game system just think of the multiplayer mode. Players can be shoulder to shoulder with other players to complete a mission. Wow ... let's hope so!