Fill Out Dota 2 Survey to Get Invitation

Did you get email from Steam? Valve announced on their blog if they have just finished their first significant expansion of Dota 2 server capacity, and starting this week, they will be handling out Dota 2 in increasing volumes. This is a good news for you who want to play Dota 2! If you want to play Dota 2 Beta, you must fill out Valve's Dota 2 survey. You can find Dota 2 survey in your email from Steam.

You're also can fill out Dota 2 survey in Steam to get slot in the upcoming invitations. If the link above doesn’t work, in the Steam client click the ”Steam” menu in the upper left, then “Check for Steam Client Updates…” to get the latest version of the Steam Client.

Dota 2 Survey

Valve announced that everyone they invited could bring a couple of friends. So, everyone who get Dota 2 will be given 2 extra copies that they can give to friends. Dota 2 extra copies can be found in the Steam section of your Steam account's item inventory and if you want to give them to your friends, you can use the Steam Trading feature. So, don't forget to fill out Dota 2 survey to grab Dota 2 copies!

Dota 2 will be launched in late 2012. Valve will update Dota 2 every thursday with extra features, heroes, and bug fixes.