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Assassin's Creed Embers is an animated short movie created by UbiWorkshop. Assassin's Creed Embers revealed by Ubisoft on June 6, 2011, UbiWorkShop released a teaser trailer on 21 July 2011, which was featured at Comic-Con 2011 and then it was released on November 15, 2011, alongside several special editions of Assassin's Creed Revelations. The film will be included as a bonus in Signature and collector's editions of Assassin's Creed: Revelations. But, you're also can watch Assassin's Creed Embers full movie in here. The Assassin's Creed Embers trailer shows an older Ezio with his family. He fears someone is trying to get him. The developers described Embers at the 2011 Comic Con, at the Assassins Creed panel as a final epilogue to Ezio's story, and although can be watched anytime, should be watched after the completion of AC:Revelations story, to fully understand and complete the tale of Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Assassin's Creed Embers is available in 15 languages, either through voice dub or subtitles.

You can watch Assassin's Creed Embers full movie below:

Assassin's Creed Embers

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Icharas said...


Well... As the movie comes directly from Montreal, I suppose this is a rather clear hint were the next episode of our beloved AC-series is heading to ;-)

We got a new female (= sexy - who else only accepted female recruits in ACB and ACR? xD) main character driven by revenge, just as Ezio (her whole family - both the assassins and the concubines were hunted down and killed off). We got a main antagonist (the emperor) and a connection to the past titles / Ezio (who is dead - so we need a new character). She wants to recreate her order (save citizens and create a brotherhood/sisterhood ready to be called in with a wistle ;-)).
Obviously she is a skilled fighter and capable of free running (essential for an AC game). We can see new fighting skills (as Ezio is using counter kills, disarms and the hook & throw in the movie, I assume she is using AC3 fighting techniques) and armaments (she throws some weird ninja-star-like things at the gunner and has a hidden blade on her foot).

Now the big question is: how is she related to Desmond so we can relive her (surely AC-worthy) memories?

Btw: her robe is black. Either the chinese assassins wore black robes (as ninjas from Japan did) or this indicates her being their grand master (not difficult if she's the last one left). Either way: black is the new white, whereas gray and natural fibre (ACR!) sucks :D

Thumb up for AC3 in China!

MacDaddyVally said...

Didn't like the Women assassin at all. I hope she's not the next one in AC3. Also, who was the guy talking to Ezio at the end?

aCeYaLoNe16 said...

The guy at the end did not seem like a good guy, it seemed like someone who was there to hurt/kill Etzio, he had his hand on Etzios right before he passed away, which could have been poison or something. But there was a look like he knew he was there to kill him and he accepted his death and with his last moment looked at his daughter and wife. Then boom dead. I would say she has the best chance of being the next character, im glad they put out this video, even though it just makes me want the next game to come out.

Gothika613 said...

Tbh i think Shao Jun (the female assassin) could be another of Altair's descendants, since his living son went somewhere (i can't remember where), and so may have gone to China and started a family (as Ezio did with Constantinople, though they actually started the family in Tuscany) and also remember the glyphs in AC? there was a clear reference to China there, so its possible she could be the main character of AC3. I wonder how it's going to be played out though...

J4KEJ0NES said...

I hope to goodness Ubisoft doesn't try to go politically correct in the next AC; if the next protagonist in the next game is a girl, I'm not buying it, end of story. I'm not trying to be sexist, but that would totally ruin the game for me. Plus how would desmond relate to being a girl? that just doesn't make sense at all.

Now, if the next game ends desmond's journey, and it's a modern day gunz a blazin knives a flying assess being dominated by furious pwng of awesome. THEN the game after that introduces a female lead with a brand new chapter, I'd be all over that!

All i'm saying is, to introduce a female lead into desmond's story would completely mess up the flow and masculine feel of the story. Like for cereal, to go from Altair and Etzio Auditore, two extremely manly men, to a female lead would be ridiculously stupid and would ruin the whole story. nuff said. save the chick for the chapter AFTER desmond.

Icharas said...


Erm... why the heck should Desmond only have male ancestors? oO
Even if you ignore the fact that human reproduction requires one male and one female specimen, as well as the fact that Desmond was born by his (female) mother, Ubisoft themselves stated there are women related to Desmond. ->

Oh, and btw: During AC2, while experiencing the Bleeding Effect, the connection to the (female) Maria Thorpe is displayed.


There are two known children of Altair - Darim and Sef
Of these two, only Sef is an ancestor of Desmond. Sef is the one being killed by Swami, however, he was already the father of two (female *cough*) daughters. Unfortunately, your hypothesis proves wrong.
Darim was the one sent to Mongolia (where he could have mated with some chinese assassins), whereas Sefs widow and children moved to Alexandria in Egypt. They were later followed by Darim.

Hindead said...

Well, I think it's pretty clear what's going to happen in the next games... china it is... And i think is a good change of moods, since the last 3 were all the same with some minor differences in combat. Creating ground to build up a whole new type of fighting with flashier moves and more "ninja" feeling is the right way, with either a guy or a girl. Even if it a guy i don't beleive it is going to be as "macho" as Altair or Ezio... It's a ninja for god sake... they don't talk much :D
As for Desmond story... it will be a background a story like it always has been... there won't be a chapter after Desmond :S
PS: Great ending
PPS: J4akej0nes, i'm sure you won't buy the game, but you will play it, that's for sure

WestOne said...

I don't think that anyone is contesting that he had female ancestors that would have come from either the Altair or Ezio side. I think the main point was that it would be difficult to have Desmond relating to a female ancestor in the Animus. And I for one tend to agree with this assessment.

Two things though, I thought she was pretty kick ass and it would be interesting to see the next installment in China and does anybody else feel like they got away from the Desmond story line in Revelations?

I could buy into the GPS style maps in all of the other installments because he was in the Animus. Not being in it made me feel like everything was a cheat throughout the entire game. Truthfully, it kind of lessened the experience for me.

Explosiff said...

@WestOne Desmond was trapped in the Animus for the whole game, so of course it made sense, if he wasn't the whole link to Ezio would never work at all. the only change was that you couldn't exit the animus, and 16 was helping you instead of your usual crew.

either way Revelations finished perfectly and wound up the previous games so well that a video like this could only serve to introduce a new assassin. and @Gothika613 is bang on about the Glyphs, they do seem to point to China, at least partially.

my only concern with the new female character is that the movement will be too different, body language will be too different and that the missions Ezio did, saving damsels in distress, obviously wont work so well with the next game. our new assassin will have to be more distant than Altair of Ezio where and im not sure i like that. i does work with the ninja thing though, and a change from Ezio will we odd anyway so why not make it a severe one

Unknown said...

It does seem kinda weird for Desmond to be reliving the memories of a female ancestor but the AC series begins in the Middle East with AC, then across Europe in AC2 ACB and ACR so having the 5th installment of the series in Asia would be a smart change. Also, whatever Ezio gave to her in that box is probably significant and whether or not she becomes the protagonist, I have a strong feeling she and the box's content(s) will return in AC3.
I also know that the timing of AC3's release has been preplanned for some time now. The creators at Ubisoft have released multiple statements that since the first AC, each game was meant to gradually introduce the modern conflicts leading up to 2012 and the supposed end of the world. This final game is going to wrap up everything from the previous games and bring Desmond's journey to December of 2012. Why? Take a guess....and no this isn't a spoiler...

irick3000 said...

the man at the end was death

GameOutsider said...

@Irick 3000, I'm glad I'm not the only one who got that!

It'll be nice to make it a bit less Eurocentric, assuming of course Shao Jun really is the protagonist in the next one. As for those saying they won't buy it if the lead character is a woman, grow up.

As for the video itself, I think it was a really good ending to Ezio's very tragic life.