Angry Birds 4-5 Mighty Hoax Walkthrough

After you beat Angry Birds 4-4, now let's move to Angry Birds 4-5. Some folks really hate this level because they can't kill all pigs. If you need an Angry Birds 4-5 walkthrough, you can find it in here! In Angry Birds 4-5, there are 4 Angry Birds and in this walkthrough you need to use all Angry Birds to kill all pigs.

Angry Birds 4-5 Mighty Hoax

By following Angry Birds 4-5 walkthrough in here, you will be able to get 3 full stars and score 97,450. Do you want to know how to kill all pigs in this level? Watch the tutorial video below!

Angry Birds 4-5 Mighty Hoax Walkthrough

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