Angry Birds 4-17 Mighty Hoax Walkthrough

In Angry Birds 4-17, you just need to kill a pig to complete this level. Although it seems easier than Angry Birds 4-16, but some people can't complete this level easily. Don't worry, if you have problem to complete this level, you can find Angry Birds 4-17 walkthrough in here.

Angry Birds 4-17 Mighty Hoax

By following these Angry Birds 4-17 walkthrough, you can get 3 stars and score 31,000 by using 2 of 3 Angry Birds. If you want to know to do that, you can watch the video below.

Angry Birds 4-17 Mighty Hoax Walkthrough

You're also can try another method to complete this level. Here is a method to complete Angry Birds 4-17 by using only an Angry Bird:

35990, 1 bird. Try angling the bird way up, aiming for the clear passage of wooden blocks on the left side of the pyramid.

by zithus