Who Are Pandaren?

The enigmatic Pandaren are one of the most elusive races of Azeroth. Pandaren come from the Pandaren Empire of Pandaria. The Pandaren are originally from central Kalimdor where they established the Pandaren Empire. After the Sundering, some pandaren returned to the "new" Kalimdor to explore it. Since the Third War, more Pandaren have come to visit Kalimdor.

Hailing from their own secret empire, the Pandaren are a race of humanoids resembling panda bears. Pandaren have a long tradition of mystic warfare and are exceedingly strong and agile. The traditional Pandaren fighting style focuses upon mobility, speed and precision, as well as stunning acrobatic tricks. Many Pandaren are skilled at fighting bare-handed.

Only the Pandaren know the intricacies of their society, but alcohol is a central feature. All Pandaren are connoisseurs of ale and stronger drink, leading to a unique kinship with Ironforge dwarves. A caste of wandering Pandaren warriors called Brewmasters is highly respected in their culture. Pandaren are affable and noble, trained in battle but always seeking peace. Pandaren philosophy centers on a harmony of opposites — male and female, calm and chaos, existence and non-existence. Even unaligned races such as Pandaren live defined by the conflicts among and around them. Some races, such as Pandaren, are independent.

PandarenPandaren average 5 1/2 feet in height, and make assured and precise movements. Pandaren smile often.

Pandaren hail from distant island nation of Pandaria, which no non-Pandaren has ever seen. A splinter group of Pandaren arrived on Kalimdor in the aftermath of the Third War and has established itself in the Stonetalon region of the Barrens. Pandaren have arrived only recently in the west.

Each Pandaren belongs to a shao’din, which is their word for “clan”. Pandaren society has changed from its origins. Pandaren society is, in many ways, compartmentalized. At their core, the Pandaren treasure peace and creativity. Most Pandaren are poets and singers, and the craftsmen of their culture are truly revered. Pandaren have a fierce and deep belief in the connection of the material and spiritual worlds. This philosophy seems simple, but the pandaren apply it to every aspect of their lives, from brewing beer to adventuring. Pandaren are known for their art of acupressure.

What may surprise those who encounter the Pandaren most, however, is their unabashed love for beer. The Pandaren laugh at this notion. The pandaren are an old and refined culture with many traditions and arts important to their way of life, none of which have influenced the Pandaren so thoroughly as the art of brewing. The Pandaren Brewmasters travel the world for new and exotic ingredients and recipes. Little is more revered in the Pandaren culture than brewing. Rarely a Pandaren overimbibes, and suffers the next day. Pandaren parables say that if someone pulls you, instead of resisting, you should push. While beer is treasured in Pandaren culture, whiskey is revered. Pandaren Brewmaster philosophy says that the best whiskey can make a Pandaren strong enough to face an army. In general, Pandaren prefer to use the weapons they craft, feeling that their natural weapons hearken back to a primal time.

Pandaren are bipedal creatures, but their pseudo-ursine forms allow them to move at tremendous speed on four limbs. When a Pandaren drops down to all fours, his speed increases greatly.

Pandaren BrewmasterAll of the races that reside on Kalimdor view the Pandaren with interest. The Pandaren are an independent race and any encountered outside the Barrens are wanderers and travelers, belonging to no affiliation. Their outlook meshes well with the Alliance, and most Pandaren in Kalimdor are found in the company of Alliance races. Pandaren are eccentric, however, and some feel more at home around the Horde. Pandaren friendliness and combat prowess make them good allies and honorable enemies. Pandaren are on good terms with all non-evil races.

Although they have been on Kalimdor a short time, the pandaren have already developed a special bond with the Ironforge dwarves. To honor their hosts, the pandaren visitors joined the fight. The Pandaren have liked most of the other independent races they have met. Some Pandaren spent many months recently with the furbolgs, learning of their simple life in Ashenvale Forest. Besides, the Pandaren are just visiting.

Pandaren are strict adherents to the practice of equipping each soldier with the best possible equipment and arms. Pandaren are courageous and fearless, and thus their armies have amazing durability and cohesion. Pandaren archers are skilled at long-range marksmanship and sniping, although the size of their bows prohibits their use from concealment, for they are almost as tall as a standing Pandaren.

Pandaren cavalry is almost entirely composed of wardancers riding combat-trained horses. Recently introduced to the pandaren are firearms, which are beginning to take a more important role in the way the Pandaren wage war. Some are Pandaren Brewmaster names from Warcraft

Pandaren naming practices are similar to those of humans: each Pandaren has a given name and a surname.

Mists of Pandaria: Pandaren & Monk Preview

Pandaren Characteristics
  1. Pandaren are as smart as humans.
  2. Pandaren are bipedal creatures, but their pseudo-ursine forms allow them to move at tremendous speed on four limbs.
  3. Pandaren can fight effectively with their teeth and claws.
  4. Pandaren are agile and physically tough.
  5. Pandaren can see twice as far as human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

Pandaren equipment
  • Pan-spear
  • Shaktani Warblade
  • Pikeman Armor
  • Wardancer Armor

  • Pikeman
  • Wardancer
  • Geomancer
  • Shodo-Pan
  • Brewmaster

Pandaren are distantly related to furbolgs. In fact, a race of more feral looking Pandaren live in Northrend and appear to be in league with the Wendigos there. A few of the more bestial-appearing Pandaren were in the command of a Pandaren Brewmaster, under Garithos' Elite Guard, to try to stop the blood elves & naga from fleeing to Outland. These Pandaren are referenced in Alliance & Horde Compendium as having joined up with dwarves of Bael Modan in order to stop the blood elves and naga.

*Source WoW Wiki


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