Razer Onza - Gaming Controller for Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360

Razer Onza is a professional gaming controller for Xbox 360 and if you're a Battlefield 3 gamer I think you must try this game controller! Razer Onza has 2 additional fully programmable buttons. 2 additional buttons positioned above the trigger buttons on both shoulders of the Razer Onza TE put the commands you deem most important at your fingertips. Whether it’s one of the action buttons (A,B,X,Y), the analog stick button, an additional bumper or trigger button, the Back or Start button, these Multi-Function Buttons (MFB) let you actuate mission-critical commands at the most comfortable location on the Razer Onza TE for maximum adaptability in the heat of battle.

Razer Onza Gaming Controller

The resistance on both analog sticks of the Razer Onza TE is freely adjustable enabling you to fine-tune the force needed to tilt the analog stick, giving you the right resistance to achieve the optimal precision in any genre. Whether you want a high resistance for a racing game or minimal resistance for precise aiming in an FPS game, the adjustable resistance of each analog stick gives you the edge in every game you play.

Razer Onza also equipped with backlit hyperesponse action buttons. The legendary Razer hyperesponse technology allows you to actuate buttons faster to fire shots and initiate combos instantaneously, while reassuring you with a crisp tactile feedback. The backlit buttons of the Razer Onza TE are designed with a shorter travel distance and minimized debounce time to increase your actuation speed to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are the features of Razer Onza:
  • Enahnced Ergonomics
  • Precision D-Pad
  • Super Long 15 Foot Long Braided Cable
  • Rubberized Surface

Razer Onza professional gaming controller is available in standard edition, tournament edition, Dragon Age - II and Battlefield 3. If you want to get more information or buy Razer Onza, you can visit Amazon.