PunkBuster - Anti-Cheat System for Online Multiplayer Games

PunkyBuster or PB is the original anti-cheat system for online multiplayer games. PunkBuster is developed by Even Balance, Inc. PunkBuster is a computer software that can scan the memory contents of the local machine to detect software used for cheating in online games. PunkBuster will ban a computer identified as using cheats from connecting to protected servers.

Most popular games using PunkBuster, such as Battlefield 3, Assasin's Creed: Broterhood, Call of Duty, Need for Speed Undercover, and many more.

Major Features in PunkBuster


  • The PunkBuster™ Player Power facility can be configured to allow players to self-administer game servers when the Server Administrator is not present entirely without the need for passwords
  • Real-time scanning of memory by PB Client on players' computers searching for known hacks/cheats
  • Search functions are provided for PB Admins who wish to search player's keybindings and scripts for anything that may be known to exploit the game
  • PB Admins can request actual screenshot samples from specific players and/or can configure the PB Server to randomly grab screenshot samples from players during gameplay
  • An optional "bad name" facility is provided so that PB Admins can prevent players from using offensive player names containing unwanted profanity or racial slurs
  • PB Servers have an optional built-in mini http web server interface that allows the game server to be remotely administered via a web browser from anywhere over the Internet
  • PB Servers can optionally be configured to randomly check player settings looking for known exploits of the game engine
  • Frequent status reports (highly encrypted) are sent to the PB Server by all players and the PB Server raises a violation when necessary which causes the offending player to be removed from the game and all other players are informed of the violation
  • PB Admins can also manually remove players from the game for a specified number of minutes or permanently ban if desired
  • PB Servers can optionally be configured to randomly check player settings looking for known exploits of the game engine
  • Throttled two-tiered background auto-update system using multiple Internet Master Servers to provide end-user security ensuring that no false or corrupted updates can be installed on players' computers

If you want to download the latest PunkBuster's version or get more information about PunkBuster, you can visit their official site.