Leapster Explorer Honest Reviews

The Leapster Explorer is an exciting handheld console that includes preset games and videos, and so many downloadable features and cartridges. The Leapster Explorer Learning Game System is a handled gaming device developed and marketed by LeapFrog Enterprises as the third generation of the successful Leapster series at the same time as the Didj console. The Leapster Explorer is designed for kids aged 4 to 9. Kids can play Leapster Explorer e-books, games, videos, and more. They're also can use their Leapster Explorer to practice a range of skills from reading and writing to math and sciences, through play and entertainment.

Unlike previous systems in the Leapster series, the Leapster Explorer is not compatible with games Leapster or Leapster2 cartridges. The Explorer is however backwards-compatible with Didj titles.

Leapster Explorer Features

Leapster Explorer Features
  • Leapster Explorer offers endless ways to play and learn
  • Expand the fun and learning in LeapWorld--a safe, online world of learning games and activities
  • For use only with LeapFrog Explorer software. Not compatible with any other LeapFrog platform software.
  • A library of more than 40 games and activities includes cartridge games
  • Children can learn school skills like reading, math, science and geography

So many parents bought the Leapster Explorer for their kids, and most of them have positive feedback. If you want to know what they say about the Leaster Explorer, here are their honest review of the Leapster Explorer.

Leapster Explorer Review

Leapster Explorer Review

Reviewed by Rachel Callahan "RVZCallahan"

I almost didn't buy the Leapster Explorer because of all of the reviewers that were aggravated that the Leapster immediately started trying to sell things to their kids. In particularly, the they complained about the pet game that comes on the device - they said that the pets run out of food and shampoo, then it is constantly telling the kid to get their parents to hook it up to the computer and buy more.

It does run out, and it does say to hook it up to the computer, but the kid has earned tokens by playing the game, and they buy their supplies with those tokens. You don't spend real money on the pet items.

I think the idea is that it teaches the kid how to buy things, what things cost, and how to save. Granted, it's probably wanting the parent to log on more often so that they might buy OTHER things, but the pet shop items themselves do not cost money, so my child is able to continuously play this game without me having to spend money on it.

We love the system overall and I'm glad we bought it, and I just wanted to clarify that point.

Reviewed by A. Lu

I am not a fan of electronic toys in general. I'd rather have my kids playing outside and using their imaginations. For the sake of balance, however, we do have some screen time and I figured this could be an option instead of TV or computer games. We also have an upcoming trip overseas with some long flights and this might provide some good distraction from in-flight movies, especially those that aren't age-appropriate.

We have an almost 4 year old and a 6 year old. They both love the Explorer so far (we've had it for one month). We had not owned other Leapster systems, so I can't compare to those. I almost chose an older Leapster over the Explorer because of the reviews that mentioned problems with quality or durability. In the end, we decided on the Explorer because it seemed like it might have more appeal for the 6 year old as well, and because the graphics sounded much better. But we also added on a Square Trade warranty through Amazon which cost less than $10 and covers the product for 3 years. I figure most kids' electronic toys will have issues within 3 years so it is well worth the extra amount for peace of mind. Just something to keep in mind if you are concerned about durability.

Reviewed by Gatto

I purchased this toy for my son's 3rd birthday. He loves it. The Leapster Explorer is such a great learning tool, it is so durable and the games are amazing, I wish I had a toy like this when I was a kid. I saved over $70 by purchasing online. The product received was in excellent condition and the same as what I could have purchased in Australia, except it was at least 1/2 the price. Great work Amazon.

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