How to Get McDonalds Monopoly Boardwalk?

Are you looking for McDonalds Monopoly Boardwalk 2011? Combining Park Place and Boardwalk and split the money 50/50 in half is such a Great Deal! If you have a Park Place piece, would you like to combine it with someone's Boardwalk piece to Win $1 million and split the money? But, imagine if you have a Boardwalk piece, would you like to combine it with someone's Park Place piece to Win a million dollars and split in half? Hey, wake up! I found sooo manyyy offers on the internet to combine their Park Place piece with a Boardwalk piece or trade their Boardwalk piece for some $$$$. Please, think rationally and follow the game rules!

McDonalds Monopoly 2011McDonalds Monopoly game 2011 has been started in US & Canada since Sept 20, 2011. In McDonalds Monopoly game there are 9 properties and each property has a single rare game piece, and the other game pieces are easy to find. But, as we know McDonalds Monopoly Boardwalk is the rarest and most-wanted game piece. Actually there is a simple logic that applies to this game: If you get the rare one, the prize is basically yours!

So, here are the list of the rare game pieces, the codes, the prizes and the rarity in McDonalds Monopoly for 2011:
  • Mediterranean Avenue #321 ($50 prize, 10,000 prizes) – 1 in approx. 61,811
  • Vermont Avenue #324 ($100 prize, 3000 prizes)- 1 in approx. 206,036
  • Virginia Avenue #328 ($200 SpaWish® Gift Certificate, 250 prizes) – 1 in approx. 2,472,425
  • Tennessee Avenue #330 (Beaches Resort Vacation, 300 prizes)- 1 in approx. 2,060,354
  • Kentucky Avenue #332 ($50,000, 8 prizes) – 1 in approx. 77,263,275
  • Short Line Railroad #346 (EA Sports Fan Trip, 8 prizes) – 1 in approx. 77,263,275
  • Ventnor Avenue #336 ($100,000, 6 prizes) – 1 in approx. 103,017,700
  • Pennsylvania Avenue #340 (SL MY 12 Nissan Leaf, 2 prizes) – 1 in approx. 309,053,100
  • Boardwalk #342 ($1,000,000, 1 prize) – 1 in approx. 618,106,200

From the list above, you can see if there is only a McDonalds Monopoly Boardwalk (1 in approx. 618,106,200)! You must collect a Park Place piece (#341) and a Boardwalk piece (#342) to get a million dollars prize.

How to Get McDonalds Monopoly Boardwalk

McDonalds Monopoly Boardwalk

So, how to get McDonalds Monopoly Boardwalk? Buy certain menu items listed below, you will receive a set of 2 tokens and wish you luck!

List of products with game pieces in 2011 (Wikipedia):

  • Big Mac
  • Chicken McNuggets (20 pc. or 10 pc.)
  • Large French Fries
  • Medium Fountain Drinks
  • Medium and Large McCafe Drinks (Excludes McCafe Shakes and Large Iced Coffee)
  • Filet-O-Fish
  • McMuffin breakfast sandwiches
  • Hash Browns
  • Fruit & Maple Oatmeal

  • Big Mac (Excludes double Big Mac)
  • Chicken McNuggets (20 pc. or 10 pc.)
  • Large French Fries
  • Medium and Large Soft Drinks
  • Medium and Large Coffees
  • Buttermilk biscuit breakfast sandwiches
  • Oatmeal
  • Angus Third Pounders

McDonalds Monopoly Boardwalk Video (Fake)

Beware of someone who offers to you to combine or trade a McDonalds Monopoly game piece! Sell a McDonalds Monopoly Boardwalk for less than $1 million is nonsense. Unreasonable offers = 99% SCAMS!

Follow the game rules!
The purchase, sale, trading, or barter of Game Pieces, Game Stamps, FREE Codes or Game Codes via Online or live auctions, or any other methods, does not constitute Legitimate Channels and is expressly prohibited.

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Aron said...

I have park place if anyone want to split let me know 3476310279 or

Wes said...

you're stupid, Aron, read all of the above to figure out there is only one Boardwalk and plenty of Park Place out there and whoever gets a Boardwalk is not gonna split with someone who has Park Place as it is a common piece, you're so stupid.

aferldir said...

Do you know what I absolutely love? How that second piece CLEARLY has a pen line through the name LOL!!

hankohio said...

Well it's an even worse idea to hoard you Boardwalk and gain nothing from it, than to get some kind of cash out of it.

If somebody wanted to split 50/50, that is still 500k you never had in the first place.

People need to stop being so damn greedy and enjoy what could be a great life experience.

TucsTwo said...

You're a retard. Read the article. There are hundreds, upon thousands of Park Place game pieces. If you get boardwalk, it would take $20 worth of McDonald's to pick up park place and you win outright. There is no need to split it or scoure the Internet for a match as park place is VERY VERY common. (I already have 3 of them, from 2 McDonald's visits!) Use your head!

NB said...

TucsTwo, No one reads anymore, obviously who are here posting thes silly comments are kids. Like you said if I had boardwalk I would probably buy a hundred dollars worth of McDonalds to get Parkplace.

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