Dota 2 Key Contests

So many gamers are looking for Dota 2 key, you might be one of them. Yeah, Dota 2 beta keys are currently most wanted items! Fortunately there are so many Dota 2 key contests or competitions out there such as facebook comments, twitter contest, photo contest, and video competition. If you lucky enough, you can get Dota 2 key.

Here are some Dota 2 key contests information:

Dota 2 Key Contests

Dota 2 Key

GosuGamers Give-Away

Prizes: a Dota 2 beta key for 3 winners

For your chance to join your favourite pro players and scene contributors in this very closed and exclusive beta, all you have to do is post <3 DotA on the Facebook entry for this news post at any point before 23:59:58 CET on September 28th! In a week's time, three lucky winners will be selected from the comments at random!


GosuGamers Twitter Contest

Prizes: a Dota 2 key for random user

Also, don't forget to join our twitter contest where we will be giving out a Dota 2 beta key to a random user. All you need to do is follow our Twitter account and retweet the following:

Retweet this and follow us to have a chance at winning a Dota 2 beta key. #dotatalk

*Source - DotA 2 Beta Key U-Photo Contest

Begins: 12:00 AM GMT -8, September 21, 2011
Ends: 11:59 PM GMT -8, September 27, 2011

Prizes: 2 Dota 2 keys for 6 winners

In this contest, you are required to take a photograph of yourself holding a sign that reads "Dota 2" and your " Username" in any creative fashion (interesting, wild, weird, funny, strange, conceptual or any other adjective you see fit) you can.

The primary target is to ensure that your photo reflects your love for DotA and give us an idea what it means to you.


And so many Dota 2 key give away on YouTube that requires you to subscribe their channel. This is a nice comment about Dota 2 give away on YouTube, he posted it in GosuGamers:

Posted by JoU.GoDz

Well I understand both sides; casters/sites want to promote their sites/streams etc using these keys, but the amount of effort gone into trying to get this betakey and the fact its basically a pyramid scheme where you try get subscribers and those subscribers get you even more subscribers take away from the actual caster/commentator providing content and earning those subscribers to some extent. With that said using the "hey i have betakeys to give away" to get people aware of your existence I think is a fine thing to do. People are more likely to find about you as a result of that. But the whole subscribe.. Oh and find me more subscribers not something I'm a fan of. But goodluck to Shitzke who is trying hard opening up his new streaming site and putting a lot of effort into the dota2 community.

If you have any information about Dota 2 key, you can share it in here by put your comment below. I really appreciate it. Beware of someone who have email or because he is a Scammer! He sells Dota 2 key but he never send it to the buyer.