Space Marine Painter

You can find so many Space Marine painter from the internet to paint space marine. I want to share to you a great resource where you can find a space marine painter. The name of website is The Bolter & Chainsword. I guess you ever heard about those site, doesn't you? At those website, you can find a Space Marine painter like the picture below:

Space Marine Painter

Space Marine Painter
Space Marine

In addition there also another painting programs that you can use. Here are the complete list:

Imperial Forces Recognition (Painters)
  • The Space Marine Painter V9.0
  • The Space Marine Painter V5.0 (Kept for access to the wargear options
  • The Terminator Painter v2.0 Beta (New Engine)
  • The Terminator Painter
  • The Sister of Battle Painter Beta (New Engine)
  • The Sister of Battle Painter

Enemy Forces Recognition (Painters)
  • The Fire Warrior Painter V1.0
  • The Fire Warrior Painter V2.0 (Beta)
  • The Chaos Marine Painter
  • The Ork Painter (Beta)

Are you interested to try the Space Marine painter? You can try it at here: Space Marine painter. For the another painting programs, you can find it in here!