How to Get Gold on World of Warcraft ???

If you ask me how to get gold on world of warcraft ??? You can find the answer in here! I'll share to you how to get gold on world of warcraft easily. I also recommend you to read my previous article about WoW Gold Cap tutorial guide. Ok, here the ways how to get gold on world warcraft:

How to Get Gold on World of Warcraft

How to Get Gold on World of Warcraft

1. Profession is important, so you must choose the right one!
Each profession have different ability to earn WoW gold, so you must find out the most profitable profession. If you want to earn much WoW gold you can choose Mining, Skinning and Herbalism. Mining and Herbalism can earn more than Skinning, but during your normal leveling process, Skinning can be done.

2. You must know clearly what item to farm
Once you reach lvl 70, you must know clearly what creature is the most, the best place for items and the average prices for general merchandise. Primals are Hot Items for crafters to buy. You can kill one of Primal Fire, Air, Water or Mana to get hot items! if you're Mining, Adamantite is the right choice to earn much WoW gold. If you're Skinners you can skinning the clefthoof bulls in Nagrand for their thick clefthide leather. But if you're Herbalists, you can go to Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley to get high-ticket herbs.

3. Don't spend your time to trade skills
Trading skills will cost you a lot of money, so don't spend your time to do this! Okay, you can earn money by trading skills but you should to think about how much leather, metal, herbs or cloth went into your skill gains.

4. You can master the market by using Auctioneer
You can earn much gold in Auction House. By using Auctioneer mod, you can know the trend easily. Since this process in Auction House is simplified because it automatically handled everything for you. Once you be very rich, you can selling World of Warcraft gold to get real money!

5. The easiest way to get WoW gold is to buy it!
There are so many WoW gold sellers out there, you can find it in the game or search it on google. But, you must choose a professional and reliable seller when you decide to buy WoW gold.

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