Cabal Alz and Tips to Get It!

Cabal Alz is currency in Cabal online. As another MMORPG (ie: Sherwood MMORPG), you must kill monsters, performing quests to get more experience points, grinding and explore into dungeons to get treasure and Cabal Alz. You can for a party together with another players (max. 6 characters). Party member with higher contributions in the party will get higher bonus experience points.

Cabal Alz

Do you want to know the tips how to get Cabal Alz? I got this tips from Cabal Forum. You can read the tips below:

LiD runs- average 700k-1M per hour usually, get lucky, amp or bike key drop, or SEM, occassional UCH, but mostly sales of UCM and FCH in batches of 5-20 depending on if you are free account or premium for the AH
RS runs- average about 900k-1.2M per hour from, UCH sales, lvl 3 crafting mats and such, if lucky a bike key or amp drop
EoD b1f- about 1-2 mil average per run depending on how lucky your UCH drop average is.
SoD run- depends how dedicated and how fast you can run it, 2-4 UCH drops on average, etc

Rare drops are based on how dedicated you are in your runs, so more runs you do in a day on the same channel in a particular dungeon increases your rare drop chances. All in all while I was playing LiD, EoD1 and SoD were generally the most profitable, especially LiD if you can get batches of maps for between 250-500k ea, 2 ucm drops at 250k ea map part and 250k ea ucm already 250k ahead though i generally could walk out of LiD with like 8 ucm and 10-12 fch per 3 -4 runs straight, 10-15 minutes each run= about 4-6 runs per hour do the math from there.


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