Black Friday Call of Duty Black Ops

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There are so many positive and negative review about Call of duty black ops, and this is a honest review by Greg. He has been bought and played it and here what he say.

I can't believe I'm about to say this about this game-- about ANY game. This is a phrase I've never used before, but...

I don't think children should be playing this game.

Please don't interpret this as any right-wing nonsense or ESRB loving BS. When games like Grand Theft Auto and Doom (Doom? Freaking Doom caused school shootings? Are you high?) are lambasted for violence and blamed for everything the past two generations have done wrong, I laugh and boot up Gears of War for a while to practice my chainsaw gun skills. But that's the thing with most of those other games; they exist snuggly in some absurd video game fantasy world. A chainsaw? On a machine gun? Come on now. We aren't learning a disrespect for life or... anything really. In fact, I don't think we're learning anything at all, save for hand-eye coordination and basic story telling devices. The idea that violating pixelated monsters and even human analogs is what's warping my fragile little mind is absurd. And yet...

Here I am, playing Black Ops (Or Modern Warfare, same basic deal), looking down my sites and firing in controlled burst at muzzle flash in the distance that I can only assume is the bad guy and I've got this strange feeling in my gut. I don't know how to describe it, but it's a little nauseous (just a little) and a little uneasy (just a touch) and it's exactly how I felt while watching Saving Private Ryan (for the first and only time). I'm engaged, I'm fascinated, I can't look away, but I'm not having 'fun'. No, what I'm feeling now, I can describe it a lot of ways, a lot of positive ways even, but certainly not as 'fun'.

I've never been to war, I've never even played paint-ball. But there's a part of me that just knows for a fact they've nailed some real-world physics when making this game. The battle cry of the gaming pacifists has always been that they desensitize us to violence when really all they (usually) do is desensitize us to FANTASY violence or the IDEA of violence, and those are very very very different things from ACTUAL violence. If anything, I'd say we as Americans are among the biggest sissies on the planet when it comes to ACTUAL violence (think about what goes into a bull-fight or political riot or a freaking public beheading next time you hear someone complain about a damn football game). But these modern war games are a step (admitted a very small one but the first I've seen since COPS first aired) of injecting real-world, honest-to-goodness, palatable murder into mainstream culture. Am I saying they're responsible for school shootings and gang wars (do those still happen, or was that a '90's thing?)? No, of course not. What I'm saying is...

I've no idea what I'm saying. Maybe parents (especially those with young boys with anger issues) should take the extra step before buying their kids this game and play it themselves? Maybe... maybe we should just acknowledge the steps we're taking in our entertainment, the level or realism we're demanding and how we've begun to strip away fantasy whilst still labeling as entertainment. Maybe acknowledging that will be enough? Maybe none of it will matter in fifteen years when the next bloody spectacle comes out? Maybe my guts are just too delicate?

But, of course, the reviews are correct and this game is damn near flawless. Tight visuals and sounds, compelling level design, serviceable story, voice acting that ranges from great (GARY OLDMAN!!!) to ugh-that-guy-from-Terminator-Salvation-again. It's a good, flowing, extremely playable, top tier game. And yet...

Am I the only one beginning to miss the guilt free days of Nazi sniping? C'est la guerre fantastique, I suppose.

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