Drivers Ed 2 Online Game - Play Now!

Drivers Ed 2 is car parking game that you can play by online. In Drivers Ed 2, you can choose 1 of 4 instructors. You must obey the instructions from your driving instructor and don't crash the car!

Drivers Ed 2

Here are profile of the instructors:

Jessica is the youngest instructor in Drivers Ed 2. She likes expensive cars and fancy gifts.

Mr. Bumper
Mr. Bumper may be goofy but he really know his stuff. You'll learn to love him while you learn to drive.

Johnny may seem a little strict and serious, but he is always nice. Especially when he is eating his favorite type of doughnuts.

The Boss Lady
The Boss Lady is big, rough, and gruff, but she knows how to drive and she's a good teacher. Just don't blow it or...

In the game menu you will see 4 menus, that are:
  • Practice Lessons: If you want to practice lessons before take your driving test, you can choose this menu
  • Change Your Instructor: You can change your instructor in here
  • Driving Test: If you think you're ready to take driving test, you can choose this menu
  • Game Help: You can find useful information about how to play Drivers Ed 2
You must pass 5 test in Drivers Ed 2, that are:
  1. Parallel Parking
  2. Left Turn at a Four-Way Stop
  3. Left Turn at a Green Light
  4. Proceed Four-Way Stop
  5. Pulling out of Parking Space
If you want to play Drivers Ed 2, you can play it below:

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