Angry Birds TV Show

Last January, Rovio Mobile as Angry Birds developer announced that they will make Angry Birds TV show. Rovio Mobile CEO Mikael Hed said about it when interviewed by C21media, British TV website "We have been looking at that for quite a while, and that is definitely one of my personal big focus areas right now--to work on broadcast content for Angry Birds." Unfortunately, there is no further details about Angry Birds TV show. And a few months ago, there is a rumor that Rovio Mobile wants to create Angry Birds movie. So which one is true? Angry Birds TV show or Angry Birds movie? Let us see in the next few months :D

Mikael Hed ever said if the wants to make Angry Birds "in every possible place". That's why Rovio Mobile make Angry Birds game available for almost all platform such as, Apple, Smartphone, Android, Windows Phone and many more. They're also tried to make Angry Birds TV show and Angry Birds plush toys to make Angry Birds in every possible place. For Angry Birds plush toys, you can find its on Amazon, Ebay or another place on the internet. If you want to enjoy Angry Birds TV show, you must be patient because there is no further details till today or it still in production (Yeah, I hope so).

If you want to know why Birds so angry to Pigs, you must watch the video below!