Angry Birds FAQ

Angry Birds FAQ is created for you who have question about Angry Birds. Because there are so many questions about Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile arrange Angry Birds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and you can read Angry Birds FAQ below:

Angry Birds FAQ

Angry Birds FAQ


Q: When will the next Angry Birds update come for iOS / Android / Palm / Symbian^3 / N900 / other platform?

A: News like this are announced at Rovio’s web pages or in a newsletter. In most cases we will not publish any release dates for the updates before they are ready and available. This is to make sure we can finalize the updates without external time pressure and because we do not want to give dates that we cannot always guarantee we will hit.

Q: Why is the price of the Angry Birds application different on different platforms?

A: The pricing of the application on each platform depends on the development costs, the number of customers and the policies of each marketplace. We do our best to provide Angry Birds on each device and market at an affordable price.

Q: Will Angry Birds be done for Blackberry / S60 / Bada / any other platform that is not yet supported by Angry Birds?

A: It is our goal to get Angry Birds to all relevant devices out there. For now it seems that there will not be an S60 version of Angry Birds and we are still considering whether the game should be done for Blackberry and Bada. They are not supported now, might be later.

Q: I have a problem with the Angry Birds. What should I do?

A: Check Rovio’s web-pages and browse this FAQ section for a solution. If you cannot find solutions for your problem or questions, please contact Rovio’s customer support by email and provide as much information about your problem as possible: phone/device model and/or version, phone/device operating system version, Angry Bird game’s name and its version, a detailed problem description.

Q: How can I move my current Angry Birds progress and scores to my new phone?

A: At the moment this is not possible. We will provide a solution to do this soon.

Q: Does it cost to subscribe to the Angry Birds newsletter?

A: Subscription to our newsletters is free of charge.

Q: I subscribed to the newsletter but have not received it. When will the next newsletter be sent?

A: The Angry Birds newsletter provides instant notifications of new Angry Birds game releases and access to special events, contests and giveaways. The newsletter is sent out only in case of the above-mentioned events.

Angry Birds Seasons

Q: Why doesn’t my Angry Birds Seasons work? I can only see an error message when I try to launch a level.

A: The Summer Pignic and The Season's Greedings levels in Angry Birds Seasons require an internet connection when they are launched the first time. Other episodes also included in Angry Birds Seasons game can be played without an internet connection and there will be an update after the holiday season that will unlock all Season’s Greedings and Summer Pignic levels without an internet connection.

Q: My iOS device is crashing when I update Angry Birds Seasons. What to do?

A: Please reboot your device by holding down sleep/wake and home buttons for over ten seconds


Q: Angry Birds crashes when I try to start the application - what gives?!

A: Angry Birds v.1.0.0 required OpenGL 2.0, which is not supported on GMA 950 graphics adapters. This issue has been fixed to the current version.

Q: I have applied the 10.6.6 Software Update on my Mac, but I'm having problems launching App Store and/or Angry Birds.

A: If you haven't already done so, try installing the OS X 10.6.6 combo update. Follow the instructions from Apple over here:


Q: I get the following error "Texture is too large 2048 x 2048, maximum supported is 1024 x 1024".

A: Make sure the you have the latest display adapter drivers installed either through Windows Update or hardware configuration. Please note that Angry Birds requires OpenGL, which is not supported on GMA 500 graphics adapters.

iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Q: My Angry Birds game has frozen. What to do?

A: Please reboot your device by holding down sleep/wake and home buttons for over ten seconds, that usually fixes freezes.

Q: Angry Birds’ sounds do not work. What can I do?

A: Check that your device’s sounds are on and that the game sounds have not been muted. Also update to the latest game version if there is an update available. If you still have this problem, restart your device and try again.

Q: All of my previously completed levels and scores are gone. What can be done?

A: Angry Birds save files are lost if the game is removed or, in some rare cases, if something has gone wrong when updating the game. If you have an iTunes backup of the game available, restore that to get your lost progress back.

Q: My Angry Birds game does not launch anymore. What can be done?

A: The previous available Angry Birds versions (v1.5.0 and under) have an issue that on certain conditions, the game will stop launching anymore. We are working to fix this bug in an upcoming update. Unfortunately, if the game is already constantly crashing for you when launched, even the upcoming updates will not make the game work again.

Removing and re-installing the game fixes this problem, but by doing this, you will lose your game progress and scores. If you have a backup of the game available from a time when it was still working for you, you can restore that with iTunes to solve your problem.

Q: I purchased the Mighty Eagle, but now it's gone. Do I need to buy it again?

A: The Mighty Eagle goes missing for an unknown reason that we are investigating. If the Eagle has disappeared from your device, you can download it again for free.


Q: I can download the game but the installation is unsuccessful. What can be done?

A: Check that the SD card is not mounted via USB. If this is the case, the game cannot be installed to the SD card. Alternatively, try installing the game to phone memory instead of a memory / SD card. This can be done by first un-mounting or removing the SD card, then installing the game, and then mounting or inserting the card back. If you are having this same problem when updating the game, try to find enough space to update the game in phone memory.

Q: Angry Birds does not work on my Android device. What can be done?

A: Angry Birds requires Android 1.6 or later to run and some specific Android models are not officially supported. See the Rovio blog for a list of the unsupported devices.

Q: Will there be a paid version of Angry Birds without the ads?

A: Yes there will. We recently introduced our own payment system for operator billing, the Bad Piggy Bank. An opt-out payment option will be introduced worldwide in cooperation with local operators in 2011.

Q: I can't use some of the birds because of the ads - are you going to change the ad position?

A: If you hit an advertisement link accidentally when trying to activate a bird's special power, you're probably trying to tap on the bird itself. To activate special powers, you don't need to hit the birds, you can tap anywhere on the screen instead. We are listening to our users' feedback, and will always keep making adjustments to provide the best possible game experience.

Q: When trying to download I get an error message "unknown -18".
A: There's a video here:

Nook Color

Q: Why can't I install Angry Birds?

A: Please try removing the SD card and then installing the game. Afterwards you can reinsert the SD card.


Q: Why is Angry Birds not working after an update?

A: Please restart your phone and try again.


Q: Does Angry Birds access or send my contact information?

A: If you have registered with Crystal social gaming platform, you can select to find friends using Crystal by searching from your contacts. Crystal matches the email addresses in your contacts with email addresses of registered Crystal users. No contact information is collected or stored by Crystal.

If you have not registered to Crystal social gaming platform, this option to use contacts to find friends not available, and no contact information is used in any way at all. For more information, see the Crystal Privacy Policy. To access the policy in Angry Birds, select the Crystal icon, and select Account Settings > Crystal > Privacy Policy.

Q: Does Angry Birds display my current location?

A: If you have registered with Crystal social gaming platform, you can select to display your current location using Crystal by changing your account settings.

If you have not registered to Crystal social gaming platform, this option is not available, and current location information is not used in any way at all. For more information, see the Crystal Privacy Policy. To access the policy in Angry Birds, select the Crystal icon, and select Account Settings > Crystal > Privacy Policy.

Q: Does Angry Birds use any other information from my device?

A: Any web service that requires registration with username and password, such as Crystal or Apple Game Center will use this information to log in to the service. For more information about Apple and privacy, see the Apple Customer Privacy Policy. For more information about Crystal and privacy, see the Crystal Privacy Policy. To access the policy in Angry Birds, select the Crystal icon, and select Account Settings > Crystal > Privacy Policy.

To improve service quality, Angry Birds uses Flurry analytical software. Flurry uses general Location information and Phone ID to display numbers of users per country. This information is displayed in an aggregate format, no information pertaining to individual users is available. Rovio uses this analytical data to improve the quality and scalability of our services now and in the future. Flurry does not collect or store any personally identifiable information. For more information, see Flurry Privacy Policy.

Q: Is there an Angry Birds Privacy Policy available?

A: Yes there is. For more information on Angry Birds and privacy, see Angry Birds Privacy Policy.

Angry Birds Online Shop

Q: Where are the items that I have ordered?

A: In case you have received a shipping confirmation with tracking information, please refer to the carrier with the tracking information for more details. If you have not received a shipping confirmation, your order has not been shipped yet.

Q: Do you deliver to my country?

A: Yes, we deliver worldwide.

Q: Where can I see how much are shipping costs to country X?

A: Once you proceed with the checkout, shipping options and costs will be displayed. You can review the shipping costs before payment. Naturally, you can cancel your order at this stage.

Q: How do I enter my shipping address?

A: You will be asked to enter your shipping details after proceeding with your checkout. Please note that if you are using your existing PayPal account, we will automatically ship to the address specified on your PayPal account details

Q: What’s the most economical shipping option?

A: Due to the size limitations and standards of different carriers, it might be in certain cases more economical to split your order in two when ordering multiple items. Thus, combined shipping costs for two shipments can be lower than for one bigger shipment. This is something we cannot affect at the moment, but we are working on improving the shipping options in the future.

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