Angry Birds Level 3-10 Walkthrough

Do you need guide how to beat Angry Birds 3-10 ??? I have got Angry Birds level 3-10 walkthrough from the internet. You just need to use 3 Angry Birds to get all 3 stars. Follow the guide below:

Angry Birds Level 3-10 Walkthrough

Angry Birds Level 3-10

  1. Aim the first angry bird at a high angle so that when it comes down you can smash through at least the two top pieces of glass on the right. You should get both pigs sitting on top, and the pig on the far right.
  2. Aim the second angry bird at the set of wood blocks in order to get the pig on the far right.
  3. Aim the third angry bird and drop his egg right on top of the far right bird. This should get both remaining pigs.

You're also can try the another guide by watching the video below:

Anyway, if your Angry Birds 3-9 still get 2 stars you can read and follow my article about Angry Birds 3-9 walkthrough.