Veil of Discord - Dota Item

Veil of Discord is a new dota item on Dota 6.72b map. The item price is 3100, and you can bought it from Arcane Sanctum. Here the information about Veil of Discord:

Veil of Discord

Veil of Discord

  • Helm of Iron Will (950)
  • 2x Robe of Magi (450)
  • Veil of Discord Scroll (1250)

Gives Bonus:

  • +5 armor
  • +5 HP/sec regeneration
  • +12 Intelligence
  • Discord (active)

Discord (active):
  • Applies a debuff on all enemy units in a 500 AoE, causing them to have reduced magic resistance for a duration.
  • Amplifies magic damage by 25%
  • Lasts 15 seconds, costs 75 mana, has a 30 second cooldown, and an 875 cast range
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