Smoke of Deceit - New Dota Item on Dota 6.70

Smoke of Deceit is a new dota item on Dota 6.70 such as the another 2 new items: Medallion of Courage and Ancient Janggo of Endurance. The price of Smoke of Deceit is 100 and you can bought it from Ancient of Wonders. You can read more information about Smoke of Deceit below:

Smoke of Deceit

Smoke of Deceit

Gives Bonus:
Smoke of Deceit (active)

Additional Information:
  • Maximum stock of 3 in store
  • Store stock takes 12 minutes to replenish
  • Stacks with itself in inventory
  • 1 charge

Smoke of Deceit
  • Places a buff on all allied player-controlled units in a 1200 AoE. Makes them invisible, grants 15% movespeed bonus, and prevents them from appearing on minimap to enemy players
  • If you get within 950 AoE of an enemy hero or tower, or if you attack any unit, the buff wears off
  • Buff lasts up to 40 seconds
  • Has a 90 second cooldown

If you have any experience with Smoke of Deceit, let's share about it here! :D