Download Perfect Hack for July - Audition Dance

Good news for you who played Audition Dance! Because Perfect Hack for July 2009 has been released for all dancers and I've got this news from DM - Perfect Hack Juli (Thanks buddy!). By using Perfect Hack, we will be get perfect point for each song :D It's very fun to use guys, be sure you don't miss it. In here, you can download and the tutorial for free. But, before you read the tutors let's download it first :

Have you download Perfect Hack for July above ? If so, now you must read the tutors below about "How to use Perfect Hack" :
  1. Copy/backup fmod to the outside of data, rec data, hshield, etc.
  2. Extract Perfect Hack July.rar
  3. Click twice to the perfect audition icon (perfect audition.exe)
  4. Copy/backup HSHIELD from Perfect Hack July to the Hshield folder in your Audition Dance

This audition cheat can be used until 10 songs because it has new Hshield! So, you can enjoy to use Perfect Hack for July 2009 for longer time :D


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